20th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management

  • The 20th International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) will be held at Leibniz University in Hannover, Germany from June 9-13, 2014.

    For the conference, which also serves as the venue for the annual meeting of the International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR), we expect an attendance of more than 400 research scientists, government agency managers, graduate students, non-profit employees, and private consultants from the fields of natural resource management, social sciences and environmental planning as well as urban and regional planning.

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    Conference Theme:

    Challenges of Urban and Rural Transformation

    For centuries, one of the visible signs of the interdependence of natural resource management and societal processes was the relationship between urban and rural areas. Natural products and services were provided by rural areas, in exchange for labor, trade and cultural services offered by the urban areas.

    Current megatrends such as climate change, urbanization, energy demand and an increasing land-use competition lead to spatial transformation all around the globe and to a state of transition. This transformation affects both rural and urban areas and requires changes on all levels of society, economy and politics.

    The 20th ISSRM will put a focus on these changes, their societal impacts and the potential to mitigate their effects on natural resources and humankind.

    Organized Sessions

    • Spatial implications of renewable energy siting
    • New perspectives on infrastructures
    • Transformation through planning? The role of urban, regional and environmental planning in shaping (or not) urban and regional changes
    • Grounded Analytical Approaches to Stakeholder Interaction in Large-Scale Land Acquisitions in Africa
    • Food security and local development in Eastern Africa
    • Migration, Rural Livelihoods and Natural Resource Management: Taking examples from Asian countries
    • Ecosystem certification: Overcoming the physical, social and economic barriers
    • Human Dimensions of Sustainable Urban Forests: Focussing the Research Agenda
    • Coupled Natural and Human Systems in Fire-Prone Landscapes: Interactions, Dynamics, and Adaptation
    • The involvement of stakeholders in ski development and resource management in mountain environments
    • Participatory monitoring of visitors and visitor impact
    • Social change and wildlife management
    • Impact of invasive species on ecosystem services in large protected areas
    • Public Participation GIS (PPGIS): Applications for Environmental and Urban Planning
    • Innovation groups for sustainable land management
    • Doing Integrative Multidisciplinary (IMD) research on ecohealth & wellbeing in Bekkersdal (Westonaria), South-Africa: Sharing processes and experiences in urban challenges
    • Contributions of Participatory and Collaborative Governance to Sustainable Flood Risk Management


    Focus Areas

    • social impacts and human dimensions of natural resource management
    • conflicts from  climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies, land-use changes and renewable energies
    • ecosystem services and their evaluation
    • recreation and tourism
    • protected area management
    • smart resource management
    • local and regional development (ecological, economic and social impacts)
    • building culture and urban planning
    • incorporating uncertainties and risk management into environmental planning and resource management
    • governance models for spatial transformation
    • collaborative stakeholder processes


    The abstract submission deadline for the ISSRM 2014 Conference has been closed January 31st, 2014. We have received more than 450 abstracts for the conference and are expecting a great conference. The reviewing process is currently underway, and all abstracts will be reviewed and authors notified by March 15th. Late submissions can only be accepted on an individual basis and if there is slot availbility in the conference.


    Host Institution:

    Institute of Environmental Planning (IUP), Leibniz University of Hannover (LUH)

    Conference Coordinators:

    Sylvia Herrmann and Eick von Ruschkowski – IUP

    Conference Assistance:

    Angelika Lischka and Claudia Palmas – IUP

    Conference Organizing Committee:

    Ulrike Grote (Chair for Environmental Economics, Institute for Environmental Economics and World Trade, LUH)

    Christina von Haaren (Chair for Landscape Planning and Nature Conservation, IUP)

    Sylvia Herrmann (Landscape Management and Rural Development, IUP)

    Frank Othengrafen (Chair for Regional Governance, IUP)

    Michael Reich (Chair for Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, IUP)

    Eick von Ruschkowski (Human Dimensions of Nature Conservation, IUP)

    Jörg Schröder (Chair for Regional Building and Urban Planning, Department of Urban Design and Planning, LUH)


    Email Contact: issrm2014@umwelt.uni-hannover.de